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made to be used-built to be abused

About Us

A Traditional Barber and Hairdresser founded company

With nearly 30 years of experience in BARBERING and PRECESION CUTTING, we bring a wealth of knowledge to our customers. 



we do not teach a haircut, we teach how to cut hair.   For the entire salon or a group of individual hairdressers, our classes are a must have to hone your craft.


YES! We will let you test drive any pair.
all we ask is that you give us honest feed back. We only want to get better.


Kimiko literaly means- “Valuble, Beautiful, Noble child”.  We could not have picked a more appropriate name to call your most valuable tool.


Wood Handle Swords – $1200

We just call them Woody’s!  This is ART!  You will be proud to display these and your customers will absolutely notice them.
The steel used in these works of Art is VG-10.

DAMSCUS – $1300

These are made from SWEDISH DAMASCUS. The company has been producing this steel since 1676, Thats right, 1676!  The patterns are magnificent, the steel is as strong as anything we’ve seen.  A true work of ART.

ATS-314 – $650

 This very high quality stainless steel is produced by Hitachi Ltd in Japan. The steel contains 15% Chromium, 4% Molybdenum. It has an excellent processing quality, is rust resistance, damage resistance and the toughness of the blade are many times higher than those of inferior steel. This steel is also some of the world’s most expensive. It is the go to steel for luxury tools.  HRC60~62, after heat treatment.

VG-10 – $600

A very high quality steel. This steel is manufactured by Hitachi Ltd in Japan.  VG-10 has high carbon content. Molybednum, Chromium, Vanadium and Cobalt are also included. This makes it very tough, sharp, durable and corrosion resistant steel.  The hardness rating for VG-10 scissors is up to HRC61~63, after heat treatment and ice tempering.

440c – $300

This steel is considered a high end steel used for excellent quality scissors. Out of the four grades of 440, this is the superior, top end steel due its high carbon content of between .95 – 1.20%. It is very resistant to corrosion; it is hard, durable and holds its edge

ATS-314 STEEL COMB – $55

All we can say is TRY IT!! You will never brake a tooth on this highly machined tool.
You will be the only  one in the salon with it so its easy to spot if it goes missing.

Carbon Fiber Comb – $12

Gone are the days of cheap plastic combs that the teeth just fall out when they feel like it.  These durable carbon fiber combs are an industry favorite.

Continious Spray Bottle – $12

Technology really helped out the spray bottle. With one pump you get a continious fine mist spray. A must for every hairdreseer.


Call us! We’ll come see you.

we love talking all things hair. You need ideas for salon, tips on a haircut, etc.. We have plenty of ideas.


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Magnificent! The sword Blade, the wood handle, the balance all are a true work of ART.

– JEFF C –

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– Lui Harison –

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– Rafayel Kim –


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