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We get our FLAGSHIP metal from SWEDEN. Sweden has been making this DAMASCUS since 1676!
The technique to create the steel that has everything was developed a few hundred years before the birth of Christ. Its properties were unique – an unbeatable strength combined with durability. The steel’s patterned surface was also more beautiful than anything before. The so-called Damascus steel established a superior reputation. Sword blades, daggers and spears of Damascus steel were reliable in battle. Chiefs and powerful rulers with such weapons in their hand were thought to be almost impossible to defeat. Damascus steel was not just a sign of power and wealth; the steel also has long thought to have mystical qualities.
Damascus steel’s exclusivity spread throughout the world over generations. Among Roman and Celtic warriors, Viking chieftains and Arabic emperors – Damascus steel has always been synonymous with respect, strength, beauty and class for great leaders.


This very high quality stainless steel is produced by Hitachi Ltd in Japan. The steel contains 15% Chromium, 4% Molybdenum. It has an excellent processing quality, is rust resistance, damage resistance and the toughness of the blade are many times higher than those of inferior steel. This steel is also the world’s most expensive. It is regarded as the ‘Rolls Royce’ material for high-end knives and scissors. The hardness rating for ATS314 is up to HRC61~63, after heat treatment.


Another very high quality steel. This steel is produced by Hitachi Ltd in Japan under private label for the Takefu Special Steel Co. Ltd., based in Takefu, Japan. VG-10 has high carbon content. Molybednum, Chromium, Vanadium and Cobalt are also included. This makes it very tough, sharp, durable and corrosion resistant steel. Top chefs favour kitchen knives that are made in VG-10 steel. The hardness rating for VG-10 scissors is up to HRC60~62, after heat treatment and ice tempering.


 This steel is considered a high end steel used for excellent quality scissors. Out of the four grades of 440, this is the superior, top end steel due its high carbon content of between .95 – 1.20%. It is very resistant to corrosion; it is hard, durable and holds its edge. 440A and 440B are almost identical, but have less carbon composition than 440C. They also have a lower attainable hardness, but slightly higher corrosion resistance.

The Rockwell hardness rating for 440C is between 59-61 HRC, after heat treatment.

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